Why We’re Passionate About Creating, and Teaching Others to Create, With Concrete

Concrete has been a mainstay of civilization since the height of the Roman Empire. Made of the stuff that built the earth, concrete is one of the greenest building materials. It provides strength and beauty in buildings and bridges. Concrete is as strong as solid rock, yet can be shaped in a multitude of designs. Concrete is recyclable, yet can last thousands of years. We enjoy working with this material that has such a long, rich history to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind home and business furniture, countertops, and more. But, we equally enjoy teaching others about the fun and magnificent artistic medium found in concrete.

Concrete: A Creative and Attractive Medium For Home and Office Fixtures and Furniture

A versatile medium, concrete begins as a loose, wet mud, which is shaped or stamped into a virtually limitless number of shapes. Concrete can be stained or colored. It can resemble rough rock, or can be ground and polished into a glass-like smoothness. Concrete has recently seen a renaissance in how it’s used. Mainly seen outside and beneath buildings and other structures, fixtures of concrete now reside inside the home—as countertops, vessel sinks, wall panels, tables, benches and many other creative applications.

Concrete Countertops – Timeless Beauty

Concrete Countertops are beautiful—and timeless. From common ingredients, uncommon beauty and durability is born. We at ConcretePoetry are dedicated to the development of different techniques and applications transforming what many perceive to be a plain, everyday material into an extraordinary substance. Resembling natural stone, the warm surface of concrete countertops adds a rustic, yet refined finish that blends in with any décor.